Friday, 28 September 2007


So today at the Store of Marvolous Magazine Magnificence, we have our
inventory crew coming in from WIS, which I am assuming is Western Inventory something...
school? they all look like they should be in school, some on the short bus. K that's mean. But seriously! Their Leader sounds Like Ernie! as in Bert and? and there's this other mean little woman who I guess since I'm at the front all the time and they wouldn't want a guy to come and count everything(we might start a convo. *gasp*) they paired up the diminuitive shrew with me. So every 2 minutes or so, 'what's this price?' 'you guys forgot to sticker this' and the oh so popular 'oh nevermind, you don't know anything I'll go ask your boss.' I LOVE IT! My goodness, if that little bleep wasn't 4x4 I would've punted her across the store by now. I still think that WE who work in the store, should've been paid to come in on a sunday, and count everything ourselves. I mean three hours of counting things? not hard. and he would've been paying us probably a little less. so bossman would've been saving money. sheesh. oh well. It has provided me with enough entertainment to last not just the two hours they were in here, but for the next three hours as well. at least until I get my 2:30 brain shut down.
K that's it for today- mebbe...
Stay tuned for more ad-ventures from the TinyPianist!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

It Was Me!

HAHA! Yes It was me Saskatoon! It was me that denied Matt Good his oh-so precious New York Times Daily! and if he's not happy settling with the lousy weekend edition of the paper, and decides not to go on tonight, as I was told expressly, then you know who to blame! HAHA!
and don't you worry, my number's included in my 'apology' note to said singer, so I will be the one who gets the talkin to by whoever persons are in control of his personal and mental health! And if said newspaper puts him over the edge, and he decides to go on a lack-of-newspaper-crazed killing rampage, know, Saskatoon, that it was I that put him in that place! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

seriously, if you can't read a certain paper everyday, or if you can't do the crossword? in said paper, you should not be singing for a 80 bucks a ticket, you should be singing for like-minded gown-wearing, drooling, fellow crazies in the psych-ward! blagh!
I guess I could understand the importance of the New york times horoscopes though... I myself Never go out without consulting my ever-important msn horoscope. Heaven forbid I should be wearing the wrong colour for the day, or if I'm overly talkative, when I should be silent, lest I put my foot in my mouth...
well that's it for today..
Stay tuned for more adventures of the TinyPianist.

Monday, 24 September 2007


so here we are in _____ and it's a new day. a cold one... and I am without my earmuffs. woe is me. In my new job, there is an open audition for a play coming out in April of next year, and the title of the Play is as follows: A Trailer Park Musical! come for a rowdy romp in south Austin's most harmonious mobile setting!
so I think I'm going to try out for it.
sounds like fun.
you know, lotsa YEE-HAW's, and Oh no you di'int! kind o' things. and big hair. yup. Biiig hair.
and the whole story line is something along the lines of this one girl, who's a stripper, moves into this move-able mobile setting, and starts 'getting to know' this other gentleman down the lane who happens to have an agoraphobic wife. Now if I'm right, agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. so really, I think either the fresh-air terrified wife either gets some balls, dons a gas mask, and goes over to Pippi's (the stripper. yes I know) house and opens a can of musical whoop-ass, or the husband brings his clothes-hate girly home one-night by accident, and all hell breaks loose, with a lot of single-light solos.
now I don't really know how someone, or even why someone would be able to come up with this kind of shit. really. a musical about a trailer park?
k. Now I know what a close friend meant when they said that the world is indeed getting a lot stupider.
Stay tuned for more adventures of the tiny pianist!