Monday, 24 September 2007


so here we are in _____ and it's a new day. a cold one... and I am without my earmuffs. woe is me. In my new job, there is an open audition for a play coming out in April of next year, and the title of the Play is as follows: A Trailer Park Musical! come for a rowdy romp in south Austin's most harmonious mobile setting!
so I think I'm going to try out for it.
sounds like fun.
you know, lotsa YEE-HAW's, and Oh no you di'int! kind o' things. and big hair. yup. Biiig hair.
and the whole story line is something along the lines of this one girl, who's a stripper, moves into this move-able mobile setting, and starts 'getting to know' this other gentleman down the lane who happens to have an agoraphobic wife. Now if I'm right, agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. so really, I think either the fresh-air terrified wife either gets some balls, dons a gas mask, and goes over to Pippi's (the stripper. yes I know) house and opens a can of musical whoop-ass, or the husband brings his clothes-hate girly home one-night by accident, and all hell breaks loose, with a lot of single-light solos.
now I don't really know how someone, or even why someone would be able to come up with this kind of shit. really. a musical about a trailer park?
k. Now I know what a close friend meant when they said that the world is indeed getting a lot stupider.
Stay tuned for more adventures of the tiny pianist!

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Kelly said...

Great to see the TinyPianist on line!