Friday, 14 December 2007


First of all, I'd like to apologise to everyone, and mostly to my self for being so tardy with this thing, I would like to write more, but I have a very hectic schedule... which brings me to second of all. I never want to work again. never. ok... mebbe just not so much. plus around christmas time, there's all these x-massy thingys to go to, hence any day that I'm not working on, I have been assigned to for bringing a dish that I don't have time to cook, to a party I'm not gonna be awake enough to enjoy. Here's just a little tidbit of my schedule.
Sat.15-Work 10-3, Work 4:30-11:30
Sun.16-Work 10-3,x-mas shopping, 6:30 x-mas party (potluck),
Mon.17- Work 8-4:30 wrapping,7 pm dance recital for a grown man( the first really fun part of the week)
Tues.18-Work 8-4:30, hair cut @ 5:30(getting a foot or so cut off, YAY! finally), dinner at 7:30 (potluck)
Wed.19-Work 9-4:30, Work 5-11:30
Thurs.20-Work 9-4, Work 4:30-11:30
Fri.21-Work 9-4, Work 4:30 11:30
Sat.22-Work 10-3, Work 4-11:30
Sun.23-Work 10-3, Work 3:30 to 10:30
Mon.24-Work 8-4:30
tues.25 X-mas
blah. I get tired just looking at this thing... and a little sad that there's only another week to go...
too much work... I better get F**king fantastic tips this next week.

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